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Why You Should Choose Singapore To Setup Your Business

Singapore is the leading country for business in Asia, with a highly efficient city infrastructure, robust economy, a stable political environment, an attractive tax regime for setting up company and most importantly, a secure financial and legal system to ensure that your business interests are well-protected.

Singapore has consistently been ranked as the easiest place to incorporate and to conduct business. In particular, many companies expanding into Southeast Asia typically use Singapore as their headquarters and launchpad to penetrate Southeast Asia.

Moreover, Singapore is well-known as a thriving cosmopolitan city for setting up your business. The country is filled with diversity of cultures, languages, arts and architecture. One in three persons in Singapore hail from abroad, which adds to the nation’s unique blend of cultures, lifestyles and religions, all coexisting harmoniously.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Choose Singapore As A Destination To Setup Your Business

1. Globally-Leading Financial Hub

Singapore lies in a strategic location. Singapore now hosts many successful businesses in the region as it is considered to be one of the BIGGEST financial hubs in the world and most industrialized country in Asia.

2. Attractive Tax Benefits and Grant Schemes

Singapore offers attractive tax benefits for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, you will receive huge tax benefits in Singapore as Singapore have double taxation agreements with over 60 countries worldwide. In addition, the government provides numerous grant schemes to support SMEs growth in Singapore.

3. Robust Legal Framework

A benefit that a business entrepreneur reaps from establishing a company in Singapore is that there’s a strong legal framework and strict protection of intellectual property of companies. The judicial system is fair and transparent, and treat locals and foreigners alike.

4. Pro-Business Environment

Singapore is famous for providing pro-business environment, attracting foreign investments and entrepreneur from around the world. In Singapore, you can convert your creative vision, ideas, and dreams into business easily and earn significant profits too.

5. Excellent City Infrastructure

As a leading global financial hub, Singapore boasts a leading global city infrastructure with efficient public transport, city living, well-connected supply chain trading networks and speedy internet connectivity over Wifi and mobile. All and any businesses will be able to thrive with Singapore's world-class infrastructure.

6. Launchpad to Southeast Asia

Singapore is strategically located in Southeast Asia, with Southeast Asian countries all easily accessible via quick 1-3 hour flights. With a massive population of over 668 million people in Southeast Asia, there’s plenty of room for exporting and importing business opportunities. Singapore is your launchpad and gateway into penetrating Southeast Asia.

7. Ease of Getting Long-Term Passes

Singapore has efficient and open immigration policy making it relatively easy for foreigners to visit Singapore, look out for business opportunities and stay in Singapore via employment passes or entrepreneur passes.

8. Friendly Multi-Racial Communities

You might be surprised to see lots of Singapore startups without Singaporeans in them. In fact, lot of business entrepreneurs in Singapore are Chinese, Americans, Australians, Spanish people, setting and managing their companies in Singapore for their base operations.

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